For years now, Monster Jam has come to Columbus in January, frequently the week of my birthday.  Every year, other commitments have managed to get in the way, and I have never had the chance to go see the monster trucks for my birthday.  Until this year, that is!  Becky surprised me with tickets to the show this year.  Yeah, she’s that awesome.

It was every bit as cool as I had expected it to be.  Nationwide Arena is a little small for trucks that size, but there was enough space for the drivers to show their stuff.  One thing I didn’t consider until we sat down was the sound.  Those trucks are LOUD!!!  If I ever get the chance to go again, I will certainly be taking ear plugs.

Our seats were pretty good, so I got my first chance to see a real monster truck, live and in person.  Out of six trucks, Grave Digger was the only one I recognized.  There was another truck called Stone Crusher, that looked similar to Big Foot, the reigning champion monster truck that I remember from my youth.  These things were huge.  The men on the ground barely stood as tall as the tires.  Like Bo and Luke Duke, the drivers climbed in and out through the windows.

In the breaks between the “rounds” of competition, they had a bunch of guys on quads who came out and raced their four wheelers.  There was also a “halftime” show with a bunch of RC trucks.  One of the RC drivers actually took his nitro powered model truck off the real trucks’ ramps.  Thats right, just like the real trucks!  Not only did the RC truck jump over multiple cars, one of those cars was a full sized van!

What would a monster truck ralley be without some damage?  We got to see one of the trucks blow a tire and mangle it’s front suspension.  They had to tow it out in order to get on with the show.  The entire show ended with Grave Digger rolling onto it’s side, flames burning from both front and rear axles.  What a great finale!

I just registered to give my family a permanent home on the web.  I’m still in the process of getting everything setup, but things are going smoothly!  I’ve wanted to have a Blog for quite some time now, but I’ve never managed to get around to setting one up.  Now, hopefully I can keep it up!