One year after the install

It took me an entire year to get my act together and write up my account of the installation of my Englander 30-NC.  I would like to offer my thoughts, one year later.

Since that first fire, I’ve put a few cords of wood through the stove.  This season, it has been my primary source of heat and kept the house toasty warm.  The stove is extremely easy to operate and capable of keeping our home comfortable, even with sub zero temperatures and wind chills in excess of 20 degrees below zero (F).

I originally chose the 30-NC based on its reputation and its price.  If money were no object, knowing what I know now one year later, I would still choose the 30.  In addition to producing a well engineered stove that is built here in the USA, Englander offers fantastic customer service (Thanks Mike and Corie!).

The 30-NC is one of the cleanest burning EPA certified stoves available.  I love to look at my chimney and not see any smoke as I leave the house, knowing that my stove is cruising along.  A clean burning stove is an efficient stove.  This enables me to get more heat out of less wood.  Less wood translates into less work cutting, splitting, stacking the wood.

The 30-NC is rated to be able to heat up to 2,200 square feet.  Our home is 1,600 square feet, so the stove is a little oversized for our house.  I decided I would prefer to learn to control the output of an oversized stove rather than push a smaller stove to heat the house.  I usually build one fire in the morning, and another when I get home from work.

For the most part this season, burning two loads of wood per day has kept the furnace from kicking on, and the house has been very comfortable.  The stove room averages about 80 degrees.  The bedrooms upstairs stay in the low 70’s.  If we get too warm, the family room downstairs stays a nice cool 65 degrees.  We’ve become accustomed to reclining on the couch, watching TV, and warming our feet by the stove.