Burning wood is paying off!

The wood burning stove that I installed last winter is paying off big time!  I started this heating season with four cords of firewood and only the propane I had left over from last year.  The needle on the gauge on my propane tank showed exactly 50% (250 gallons), so I thought I’d chance it and skip having Ohio Gas come and top it off.

So far, I have managed to heat the house almost entirely with the wood burning stove.  The furnace has kicked on a few times here and there.  Usually it comes on when we’re away from the house for too long and don’t reload the stove.  It’s also run a few times when I’ve been to lazy to go get firewood and build a fire.

This afternoon, I decided to take a walk to the back of my lot to check the gauge propane tank.  Much to my surprise, the gauge showed 45%!  That’s right!  So far this year, I have only burned 25 gallons of propane.

Not many home improvements can pay for themselves in one year.  It looks like I have enough wood to get through the rest of the season.  By this summer, the woodburner will have paid for itself.