My new toy

04_ChevyI was hoping to get a couple more years out of my old Blazer, but it had finally reached the point where maintaining it was going to cost more than the payments on a newer vehicle.  It served me well for the 7 years that I drove it.

Surprisingly, my suggestion to get rid of the ’97 Blazer and my ’94 Silverado and consolidate down to a single newer pickup truck received full support from Becky.

For the most part, the decision to buy another pickup truck instead of a car was based on the fact that we heat our home with a wood burning stove.  I need a vehicle to haul firewood.  I’m always on the look out for a “score”.  A “score” being a tree that has been cut down (and many times cut up) and left for the taking.  Sometimes they are left left by the power company, other times they are left by the property owner.  Free wood is like money in the bank.  There were simply too many times that I would pass a good score in my blazer and wish that I had been driving my pickup truck so that I could stop and collect it.  My old pickup truck had issues of its own though, which was why I was usually driving the blazer.

The other part of the decision to buy a pickup truck instead of a car is the simple fact that I’m a truck guy.  I can’t help it, a nice truck will catch my eye any day.  In fact, my seeing an nice truck on the road has been known to totally derail a conversation.  My new pickup is a 2004 Chevy Silverado 4×4.  I absolutely love this truck.  In addition to the start of wood scrounging season, I’m really looking forward to loading it up and heading out for camping and fishing trips this summer.

I’m not a big fan of truck caps, but the one on it is too nice to get rid of.  I’m going to suspend a rack from the rafters in the garage to store the truck cap so that it will be out of the way.  At least I’ll have it if I need it.  After I take the cap off, I’ll be able to put to put on a set of bed rail covers and install my toolbox in the bed.

I’m also working on plans to install my radios and antennas.  New toys are fun.