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It’s been almost a year since I wrote the post about making some changes in my life.  Its been a crazy year, but I’ve made some progress.

Last year, the company I work for was acquired.  It was a little scary at the time, since Becky and I both work there, but it has turned out to be one of the best things that could have happened to us.  Most of the “crazy” in the last year has been directly related to the amount of work that I’ve had to handle with the integration into the new company, and the aggressive release deadlines that our team has been under.

So, since that post, much of my energy has been poured into work, but I have been able to make a couple of big changes.

First, Becky and I have changed the way we think about, and manage our money.  We’ve made a commitment to get out of debt, and we are making good progress.  I’m very proud of myself for making this change, as it was one that was much needed.  The growing sense of freedom is motivating us to continue working towards our goal.

Second, and probably most importantly, I have made a commitment to myself to pay more attention to my health.  I have changed the way I think about food.  We now do the overwhelming majority of our grocery shopping around the perimeter of the store, buying almost all fresh foods.  I’ve stopped eating fast food, stopped buying pop, and also stopped buying beer.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love great food, and will eventually allow myself the occasional beer as a special treat when we go out, but I am paying very careful attention to making sure that I am getting the right nutrition, and most importantly, appropriate quantities of food.

In addition, I have also starting making sure that I engage in physical activity at least 15 minutes EVERY day, and most days 30-45 minutes.  My next step is to join a local gym this week.  The one I plan to join is right on the way home, and I look forward to stopping and working out regularly on the way home after work.

What have these changes done for me so far?

I’m not stressing over money, and I’m coping with stress form work more effectively.  I’ve already dropped about 15 pounds (with a total goal of ~50 pounds), I feel better, and I have more energy.

Yes, my friends, change is good.

There has been a lot of talk about Facebook’s reputation concerning privacy lately. May 31st, 2010 has been deemed to be “Delete Facebook Day”, and I think I might participate. I’m writing this in hopes that, even if you decide not to delete your Facebook account, that you at least give it some thought. Click to read more …

The title of this post sums it up nicely.

It’s been years now that I’ve known I’ve needed to make some changes, but I’ve always just thought about it and said “I wish”, as if change in my life was this unattainable thing.  Sure, there have been a few changes along the way, but not the ones I’ve been dreaming I could make.

I’m talking about changes in who I am.

I’m talking about changes in how I think.

I’m talking about changes in how I relate to others.

I’m talking about changes in how I view the world around me, and changes in how I perceive my place in the world.

It’s time for me to stop dreaming and start doing.

I’ve known for a while now that I need to become more active in the Delaware community and begin making connections.  I’m a people person, and I’m fascinated by technology.  This combination is what drew me to amateur radio, and it is now drawing me to social networking.

Through Twitter, I have had the opportunity to interact with others in Delaware, and on Friday, met up with a few of them for lunch at El Vaquero.  It was great to finally meet in person and make some new friends.  I’m really looking forward to continuing to forge new relationships and expand my personal network within the local community.

I am also excited that I have been offered the chance to write for a new web site focusing on Delaware, Ohio.  Look for my first post over there soon!

I just updated the blogging software here at  It doesn’t look like anything broke, but if you notice anything, let me know!

It’s been too long since I’ve updated here.  I’m going to have to make some time to write more often.

A couple of my friends (Brian and Jen) have an Internet rado show that they do each week.  The show is streamed live, and listeners can participate in the chat room and via skype during the call-in portion.  They record the show and release it as a podcast.  Brian has even been able to get their show added to the iTunes podcast directory!

I had the opportunity to help out with some of the promos for the show.  I recorded a handful of lines for Brian to use.  He mixes them and puts some music behind them, and in the end, they sound pretty good!

Promo number 1

Promo number 2

Doing a little bit of recording for Cave Radio has made me think about doing my own show again.  I’ve wanted to do a podcast of my own for a few years now but I haven’t been able to settle on a topic.