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A new WordPress for Android app was released recently.  I’m going to give it a try.  The old version was pretty bad, but the new UI is really slick!

Maybe it will help me to post more regularly.  More importantly, it will help me post more regularly on site that I control instead of putting evening on sites like twitter.

This is a test post from the new app!

I always have trouble explaining what I do.  I’m not even sure that my family knows what it is that I do.  To avoid going into a long sleep inducing explanation, I usually sum it up by saying that I do “web service operations” or “SaaS Operations”.

But what does that really mean?  Most people have no idea what “SaaS” is, and “web service operations” just makes most folks say “Oh, OK, I get it.  You run a web site”.

If only it were that simple!  I’m not talking about signing up for a blog account somewhere like or making web page with some WYSIWYG editor and putting it up on GoDaddy.

Everybody uses web services today.  Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Yelp, just to name a few.  Even many of the interactive apps on your smartphone or tablet connect to a web service!  While they use them every day, not many people give much thought to what it takes to operate those services. Click to read more …

As a DISH Network subscriber, I occasionally read and post on a forum for DISH users.  It helps me stay up to date on new channels, new features, promotions, and problems. 

Recently, I was reading a thread in which another user was questioning the 1440x1080i resolution of many HD channels on DISH, wondering why they weren’t being broadcast at 1920x1080i.  He was wondering about how this affects HD picture quality.  As with most internet forums, there was some good information in the thread, and there was some not-so-good information in the thread.  I decided to weigh in myself, and this was my response. Click to read more …

I just set up a 1GB drive on my workstation so that I can run some VM’s locally for work.  For a simple hypervisor to run Linux virtual machines on my Windows box, I use Oracle’s Virtualbox software.  It works well, and is stupid simple to configure and build VM’s.

This evening, I downloaded a CentOS 6.2 (minimal) CD ISO image and installed it in a VM.  When I logged in, I was surprised to see that the network connection wasn’t coming up, even though the NIC drivers were correctly installed.

I brute forced my connection using ifconfig, route, and editing /etc/resolv.conf and installed a few things that I thought might help, including the system-config-network-tui tool that I’m used to using on CentOS and Red Hat.  After all that, still no joy!

At this point, I resorted to Google.  A quick search and I found that there had been a change in the default network configuration on CentOS 6.  This change modified the behavior such that the network connections aren’t brought up on boot like they had been in the past.

Here is the solution:

Edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 and make a couple of quick changes.

First, set ONBOOT=no to ONBOOT=yes.

Second, set BOOTPROTO=dhcp if it isn’t already.  On my system, it was set to “none”.

Restart the networking services, and it eth0 should be up and running

I’ve wanted to start a podcast for about four years now, but, until now, I havent’ been able to come up with a good idea for content.  My area of expertise is, of course, computers and technology.  The problem though, is that there are enough technology podcasts already.  I feel that the category is saturated.

I discovered audio books this past year, and have enjoyed listening to audio books from Audible while commuting to and from work.  This gave me an idea!

I would like to produce a podcast of original short stories.

Here’s the catch: I have always been a facilitator.  I have the technical skills to produce the show, but I accept the fact that I don’t have the prolific creativity to produce enough content on my own.

Have you written any short stories?  Would you like to publish them online as an audio book?  Please let me know!!

I will be setting up a “studio” to produce the recordings.  Authors would always be welcome to read their own stories for the podcast, or I can voice the recordings myself in the studio.

I picked up a couple of SD cards on sale today at Radio Shack so that I could use them to take advantage of the ReadyBoost feature in Windows 7.  When I inserted the card, windows told me that the device didn’t install properly, but the SD card showed up as a drive.

Flash drives are shipped pre-formatted using the FAT32 file system because FAT32 tends to be a universally supported format.  I tried to reformat the drive to the new exFAT filesystem (a new Windows file system optimized for flash drives).  The format failed.

As I tried to troubleshoot the issue, I realized that ReadyBoost wasn’t working right.  When restarting the computer, the system would hang on “logging out” until I ejected the card.  The card was quite unstable.  The file system kept becoming corrupt, requiring multiple attemps to reformat it.

I happened to notice some unknown devices in the device manager that hadn’t been there before.  A little while later, I inserted the card into the other card reader slot.  More unknown devices showed up, and the system told me that the hardware didn’t install properly again.   I realized I was on to something!

The card reader hardware wasn’t working properly because Windows 7 didn’t have the right driver included.  A little bit of diging and I came up with another idea.  Most computer manufacturers try to reduce costs whenever possible.  Just like car manufacurers, they reuse parts across different models when they can.

I couldn’t find a Vista/7 driver for the Acer Aspire One netbook that I have, but I was able to find a Vista driver for another acer model that I guessed was probably using the same card reader hardware.  My guess was right!

I found the driver that I needed for the built in Jmicron card reader on this page.

If you have an Acer Aspire One laptop and your card reader slots aren’t working right, grab that driver.  It should fix the problem, and allow you to use ReadyBoost too!