We have our annual yard full of dandelions.  What a beautiful day!


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A new WordPress for Android app was released recently.  I’m going to give it a try.  The old version was pretty bad, but the new UI is really slick!

Maybe it will help me to post more regularly.  More importantly, it will help me post more regularly on site that I control instead of putting evening on sites like twitter.

This is a test post from the new app!

I’m not usually one to write to somebody in Washington, but today, I felt moved to do just that.

RE: Please stand up for our rights and freedoms!

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Willey in the weedsIn the fall of 2008, while riding her bicycle, Becky found two three-week old kittens that had been dumped by the side of the road.  She scooped them up, put them in her pocket and rode back home.  In the coming weeks, she cared for those two kittens as if they were her own, even taking them to the office with her in order to maintain their bottle feeding schedule.  She named them Troy and Willey.  They were her babies.

Last night, at a little after 2:00am at the ER vet clinic, we lost Miss Willie.  It was quite sudden.  Only a few hours elapsed between the time that we knew that something was wrong and her passing.  She was four years old, still young, and full of life, energy, and personality.

Willey may have come into this world disposable and unwanted, but she left it deeply loved and she will be dearly missed.

Becky and Willey

I’m in the minority, that is for sure.  There just aren’t that many people out there that heat their homes in the wintertime with wood burning stoves.  Not in the United States, at least.  Most of my friends think I’m nuts.  They prefer to simply flip the switch on the thermostat and adjust the dial to suit their comfort.

I was late this year getting all of my firewood processed for winter.  My goal is to be at least an entire year ahead of the game, but with the new baby last fall, and starting back to school this spring, I fell behind on some of my chores.  To try to make up for my late start, I left my winter fuel stacked in rows in the yard a little later than usual to give them a little more time to dry out in the sun and wind.

Today was a beautiful day.  The temperature was about 70 degrees, and the sun was shining.  That isn’t normal for November in Central Ohio.  The temperatures are supposed to drop steadily over the next 24 hours, back to a more seasonal weather pattern that looks like it’s going to stick around.  Winter will be here before I know it!  This was my chance to get my firewood moved into the garage before winter sets in.

For the past 3 years, Becky and I have moved our firewood into our attached garage in October.  The garage keeps the wood dry, and allows for easy access when it is time to reload the stove.  It beats the heck out of fighting with tarps.  Tarps get blown around by the wind and get loaded down with snow and ice.

It was always difficult to crawling out of bed early in the morning in the dead of winter knowing that I had to go outside to grab an armload of wood from under a snow covered tarp in single digit temperatures.  By moving the wood indoors, I get all the benefits of wood heat (cozy warm house, beautiful fire to watch, and cheap to operate), without one of the biggest drawbacks.

My stacks are moved the chimney is cleaned.  I’m ready for winter.  Bring on the holidays!

I always have trouble explaining what I do.  I’m not even sure that my family knows what it is that I do.  To avoid going into a long sleep inducing explanation, I usually sum it up by saying that I do “web service operations” or “SaaS Operations”.

But what does that really mean?  Most people have no idea what “SaaS” is, and “web service operations” just makes most folks say “Oh, OK, I get it.  You run a web site”.

If only it were that simple!  I’m not talking about signing up for a blog account somewhere like wordpress.com or making web page with some WYSIWYG editor and putting it up on GoDaddy.

Everybody uses web services today.  Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Yelp, just to name a few.  Even many of the interactive apps on your smartphone or tablet connect to a web service!  While they use them every day, not many people give much thought to what it takes to operate those services. Click to read more …